Reference Policy 2.20100524 Released

Tresys have announced the release of version 2.20100524 of Reference Policy. Included in this release is a merge of a significant portion of the Fedora policy package, support for non-graphical X clients, updated Gentoo support, and improved documentation. This release is available at the download page.

SELinux Notebook Edition 2 Released

Richard Haines has released the 2nd edition of The SELinux Notebook, an extensive work of documentation aimed at explaining SELinux to newcomers. It is also intended to be a reference document for the policy language and configuration. The Notebook has now been split into two volumes: The Foundations and Sample Policy Source, and updated to the latest implementation of SELinux in the Fedora 12 distribution. New topics in this edition include virtualization (sVirt), SE-PostgreSQL, XSELinux and Apache/SELinux Plus. The notebook may be downloaded here.

SETools 3.3.7 Released

Tresys have announced the release of version 3.3.7 of the SETools policy analysis suite. Changes in this release include general usability improvements, bugfixes, and improved support for policy constraints.

RHEL 5.3 CAPP Certified at EAL4+ on Dell, with Virtualization

Atsec have announced the certification of RHEL 5.3 on Dell 11G server hardware to EAL4 (augmented). This is the first such certification to support RHEL running as a Xen guest, although the scope of the certification is limited to CAPP (Controlled Access Protection Profile).

SELinux Userspace 20091123 Released

Tresys have announced the release of version 20091123 of the SELinux userland codebase. Changes in this version include managing ‘dontaudit’ rules via the semanage tool, filesystem labeling on filesystems where SELinux is not enabled, and building for multiple target operating systems. This release, along with historical versions, may be downloaded from here.

Reference Policy 2.20091117 Released

Tresys have announced the release of Reference Policy version 2.20091117. This release includes new support for several application packages (including puppet and shorewall), as well as further advances in X Window system support. The release may be downloaded here.

SELinux Userspace 20090731 Released

Tresys have announced the release of version 20090731 of the SELinux userspace packages. This release includes several new features, including support for btrfs and labeling of virtual machines. Packages may be downloaded here, while the full source archive may be accessed by developers using git with the tag 20090731.

Reference Policy 2.20090730 Released

Tresys have announced the release of version 2.20090730 of Reference Policy. This release includes support for applying security labels to policy booleans; support for several new applications including pulseaudio and policykit; and many enhancements, including btrfs support. This release may be downloaded here.

2009 SELinux Developer Summit: Schedule Announced

The schedule for the 2009 SELinux Developer Summit has been announced. The event this year will be held on the 20th of September in Portland OR, as part of LinuxCon, and feature a mix of formal presentations and collaborative sessions.

CDS Framework 3.6 Released

Tresys have announced the release of version 3.6 of the CDS (Cross Domain Solutions) Framework, their Eclipse plugin for graphical designing secure information flow between systems. Included in this release is the ability to hide secondary information flows and interactive updates to the design based on audit system alerts.