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OpenSUSE 11.1 to Enable SELinux

by James Morris |  Thursday, August 21st, 2008

The OpenSUSE project has announced that OpenSUSE version 11.1 will include basic SELinux enablement. This effort will include enabling SELinux in their kernel, requisite patches to system tools, and SELinux support libraries. SELinux-specific tools will not be shipped by default, but will be available via the distribution repositories. Initial security policies, if shipped, will be limited to standard reference and minimal policies. SELinux will also be shipped as part of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 as a technology preview. Community discussion on the topic is directed to the OpenSUSE Factory mailing list.

New SELinux Userland Project Site

by James Morris |  Friday, August 15th, 2008

Tresys have announced the launch of a new source repository, bugtracker and wiki for the SELinux userland code, which may be found here. The site utilizes trac for project management and git as the source code management system. Developers should use this new repository instead of the old sourceforge site.