OpenSolaris FMAC Alpha 1 Released

OpenSolaris developers have announced the first release (Alpha 1) of source code for the FMAC project. This code drop of the current policy and toolchain infrastructure work allows security policy to be loaded into the operating system but not yet enforced.

2008 SELinux Developer Summit Schedule Published

The schedule for the 2008 SELinux Developer Summit has been published. The one-day event will be held in Ottawa in July as an OLS mini-summit, and consist of a series of discussion panels with presentations.

SGI CAPP/LSPP EAL4+ Certification Test Suite Released

SGI have announced the release of their certification test suite and its incorporation with the Linux Test Project (LTP). The test suite is a component of their EAL4+ CAPP/LSPP certification effort for RHEL 5.1 on Altix hardware, and is based on previous IBM work.

2008 SELinux Developer Summit Call for Participation

The Call for Participation (CFP) for the 2008 SELinux Developer Summit has been announced. Proposals for presentations, panels, discussions and lightning talks will be accepted until the 18th of April.

Reference Policy 20080402 Released

Tresys have announced the release of the latest version of Reference Policy. A notable highlight in this release is the addition of core infrastructure for X window (XACE/XSELinux). There’s also new support for wireshark, policy refinements for several already supported applications, and general enhancements including 64-bit capability support and updates for labeled networking.

SELinux Developer Summit 2008 Announced

The SELinux Developer Summit for 2008 has been announced. It will be held in Ottawa on the 22nd of July in conjunction with the Linux Symposium. This will be an open event for developers of SELinux and Flask/TE projects, as well as those with a strong technical interest. For more details, see the SELinux Developer Summit page.

SE-PostgreSQL 8.3-based release

KaiGai Koehi announced the release of an updated version of SE-PostgreSQL based on version 8.3 of the database. In terms of official packages, this release supports only the upcoming Fedora 9 and current rawhide. RPMs may be downloaded here, or check the project site for other source versions.

Core SELinux version R080305 released

The NSA have announced the latest release of the core userland SELinux code. According to the changelog, changes in this release include support for policy capabilities (i.e. allowing features to be selectively implemented in policy), several enhancements to libselinux, optimized matchpathcon, improved error handling and various bugfixes. The release may be downloaded here. Also noted in the release is a new page on the NSA site: Related Work, providing links to information on the underlying architecture and non-Linux implementations.

Opensolaris launches fine-grained MAC (FMAC) project with TE/Flask security

The NSA announced the launch of a fine-grained MAC (FMAC) project for OpenSolaris. Similar to SELinux, FMAC is the integration of the Flask/TE security scheme into the OS. For more information, visit the FMAC project page.

SELinux Support for Ubuntu Hardy

Caleb Case has announced experimental support for SELinux in the server edition of Ubuntu Hardy (currently in alpha release). Further information for people wishing to help with testing and development may be found at the Hardy SELinux wiki page.