Apache/SELinux plus announced

KaiGai Kohei has announced the release of Apache/SELinux plus, a module which allows the Apache web server to launch web applications in specific SELinux security contexts. It will be packaged in the upcoming Fedora 11 as mod_selinux.

SELinux Developer Summit 2009 Announced

The 2009 SELinux Developer Summit has been announced, and will take place on the 20th of September in Portland, Oregon as part of LinuxCon. The Call for Participation calls for talk and developer session proposals, with the primary topics of extensibility and usability. All those planning to attend are asked to join the event mailing list so the organizers can estimated numbers and provide any event updates.

SEAdmin: New SELinux GUI Management Tool

A new graphical management application for SELinux called SEAdmin has been announced on the ubuntu-hardened mailing list. SEAdmin, developed in Mono and GTK#, is intended to be used with any distribution, and currently works under Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora 10. More information, including screenshots, may be found at the project site.

SELinux Userspace 20090403 Released

Tresys have announced the release of version 20090403 of the SELinux userspace package. This release is primarily for bug fixes, although it also includes support for policy module compression and for caching of the compute_create function.

CDS Framework 3.3 Released

Tresys have announced the release of version 3.3 of their Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) Framework Toolkit. Features of this release include support for printing security architecture diagrams, better integration with raw SELinux policy, and enhancements to the CDS Framework translation dictionary.

CLIP 3.1.0 for RHEL 5.3 Released

Tresys have announced the release of version 3.1.0 of Certifiable Linux Integration Platform (CLIP) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 5.3. This release includes support for meeting several government security standards, and for the iptables-based SECMARK network controls.

New mailing list for CLIP discussion

Tresys have announced a mailing list for the CLIP (Certifiable Linux Integration Platform) project. CLIP provides resources and tools for certifying RHEL systems running SELinux for various government requirements. Information on the mailing list, including subscription instructions and archives is available here.

NetLabel Tools 0.19 Released

Paul Moore has announced the release of version 0.19 of NetLabel Tools, the userspace toolkit for managing Linux labeled networking. This release supports new features in the v2.6.28 kernel, and may be downloaded here.

Reference Policy 2.20081210 Released

Tresys have announced the release of version 2.20081210 of Reference Policy. This is a major release which includes the replacement of the type enforcement RBAC scheme with user-based access control (UBAC) role separation. The policy version naming scheme now includes a major version number (2.x), and previous versions are considered to be 1.x. Other changes in this release include the addition of support for the milter package, and integration with the new open permission. Reference policy is available from the project download page.

Oracle Enteprise Linux 5.1 Certified at EAL4+

According to a press release from atsec, Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) 5.1 has been certified under common criteria to EAL4+ via LSPP, CAPP and RBACPP profiles. This is similar to previous certifications for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (upon which OEL is based), although it appears that this certification additionally covers the running of an unprivileged virtualized instance of the OS.